Thursday, March 18, 2010


I take pride in the fact that I'm extremely persistent .... The squeaky wheel gets the grease, right!? What I find most frustrating, however, is how very little common courtesy most people have. A response would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
I've been without a stable job for slightly over 6 months now and I've been actively searching. Persistence is key and I've definitely got that down. I'm not looking for just any old job and that might be a bit of the problem. I'm not the kind of girl to settle for just anything. I've had plenty of opportunities come my way, the trouble is, they're not for pay. I understand I'd gain experience, it's a networking opportunity, etc...etc.... But that doesn't pay the bills, dress me in fabulous clothes or cover the cost of a little bubbly now and then.... does it
I've had a couple of interviews, a few photo shoots, a temporary job as server/hostess/food runner....etc, at a mom and pop restaurant and have applied to a countless number of jobs in the last 6 months. I'm rather exhausted from it all. Searching for a job is a full time job in itself. Thankfully, I've done a good job at making sure I continue to go to the gym. It's about all I can do these days not to go crazy.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My favorite image thus far

Photography by Robert Mendez
Make up by Elle Leary
Model Gen Marie
Hair by Travisean
Styled by yours truly

More recent 2009-2010

Photography by Gregory Gutting and Robert Mendez

More from 2008-2009

Photos from 2008- 2009

Most of the work here was with Gregory Gutting. Excellent Photographer to work with. Some of these were/are more favored than others, but each hold a special place in my heart.

Photography by Stefanie Ann

LOVE LOVE LOVE working my sister Stef. The first image, (which is actually at the bottom of this post) is with Alana in Pinetop, AZ...beautiful location, gorgeous scenery to work with.... I need to locate the other pictures, because I do have plenty more like this. Also worked with Tegan again. Photographs taken in my dad's garage and at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, CA.

How it all began

May 2008 - My first attempt at being a wardrobe stylist
Model and Friend: Tegan Elkins
Photographer: Stefanie Ann

Literally, one day while I was kicking my butt on the treadmill, I had an epiphany. I immediately text my friend Tegan saying "I need to get my portfolio started, will you do a shoot with me and be my guinea pig!?" Her response "Heck yes!!" .... I then text my sister Stefanie saying "when we're in the desert for Ashton's birthday, bring your camera. We're doing a photo shoot with Tegan!!" Thus, beginning the treacherous journey as a starving artist.
This shoot was one of the most gratifying for me. Not only did it serve its purpose as being a portfolio builder, but we got a lot of work done and covered a lot of looks. (I will locate others from this shoot to post, I have more where this one came from) We shot at the Bermuda Dunes Airport, Desert Sands, and my parent's backyard and guest bathroom. Tegan was a trooper... 6 or 7 wardrobe changes, hair and makeup and 9 hours of shooting. Thank you Tegan and Stefanie. I love you both!