Monday, August 2, 2010

Yes, I'm still here....

Many of you, all two of my followers, have probably been wondering where I've dissapeared to. Why I haven't written anything in months....what I've been up to, am I still alive. Yes, I'm still here.....
The truth is, I think I sort of lost myself....a while back. Or maybe I got lost recently, or maybe it's that I wasn't really sure, but now I'm more certain.... Who really knows. Only God knows.
Just to catch you up, I'm still searching for the job/career that I deserve and am being called towards. In the mean time I'm working as a Patient Coordinator at an orthodontist/dentis office. Basically what that means is I seat patients, pull charts when needed, clean chairs.... I'm a glorified hostess in the ortho world.
My mom happens to be employed by them, they needed someone, they like my mom, I needed money, my mom wanted me to work "soemthing, anything, just to get you out of the house".... you get the picture. They hired me!
Along with that, I have taken a permanent position on the board of Oasis Haven. A non-profit organization whose mission is to place neglected and HIV positive children with loving forever families. Our main "office" is located in Johanesburg, South Africa. Our US branch has been operating for just over a year now. We've officially filed for our non-profit status and the board is planning a missions trip to South Africa in October. All very exciting!!
This organization has been my main focus and has grown very dear to my heart. I believe that fashion will always remain close, but it's no longer what I'm most deeply passionate about. It's takes second...possibly third.
Along with my position on the board I will also be leading a post-college/career group called Ignite, with the Church at Rancho Bernardo and will soon be leading a small group study for young women.
God has great things lined up for me in the future. I'm so excited to experience each and every one of them!

I hope to keep current, at least weekly, on the happenings in my life.

P.S. I'm still very much in love with my boyfriend, Jacob. He gives me the support and strength I need to get through each day. Kisses, my love.

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