Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year: Improved Me

Alright, so I've given my New Year's resolution a lot of thought. I'm not really a fan of making resolutions for the entire year because, let's face it, we seldom ever follow through on them entirely. So this year I've decided, with the help of a wonderful friend, to give myself deadlines/time frames for each "resolution." I've got 5.
Resolution #1 - I'm going to make a conscious effort to find things to be thankful for each day. And to thank God every day for each and every one. Even if it's as simple as "being thankful that today's patient charts were at my desk this morning". This is actually huge. Since I had been on vacation for a few days, you never know what you're going to come back to. And starting the morning off without having the charts there when patients start signing in, can be extremely hectic and stressful. Thankfully, whoever helped out on Monday was kind enough to put the charts up for me.
Moving on with my resolution, I've been challenged to "give thanks". To jot down things that I am thankful for. Once I've come up with 1,000 reasons to be thankful, I can quit. However, I hope that I continue on with this because I think it will truly be helpful. We often overlook the things we can be thankful for when we're focusing on the things we're lacking, hoping for, praying for, praying to be fixed....that we loose sight of those great things. When God is showing himself to us.
Resolution #2 - Finding balance
This one is going to be a bit trickier, and I'm not sure I can actually put a deadline or time frame on it. But, let's shoot for March 17th. St. Patrick's Day sounds like a good enough day as any.
I need to find my balance in life. I'm constantly stressing the small things, overlooking little blessings, not taking time for myself, not slowing down to breathe and enjoy life. I've really gotta get a hold on this because one day, it's not going to just be me. And if I can't find that balance now, I never will.
Resolution #3 - Finding Peace
This one will be on going. I can't put a deadline or time frame on it. I'm thinking that #3 will coincide with #2. Finding balance to eliminate stress will help bring me peace.
Resolution #4 - Maintain a healthy lifestyle
Before you judge me, I'm not talking about losing weight or working out more. I mean, of course those play a role in this one, but that's not my main motive. When I say healthy lifestyle, I'm referring to all aspects of my life. From what I eat and how active I am, to the people I hang around and how I choose to spend my spare time. If I'm wanting to rid my life of unnecessary stress, anxiety and worry, I have to choose the people I'm around, what I watch and listen to carefully.
Resolution #5 - Read more
I'm currently reading Safe People by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend. I've got several more on my "to do list." I'm going to give myself 6 weeks to finish each book. I'll be needing some book suggestions in a few months, so if you have any, feel free to share.

There you have it.

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  1. This all sounds great, and I hope to be able to help you with this as much as possible. One thing which I didn't think of when we were talking about before, but just occurred to me now, is that I hope that putting the six week deadline on book reading doesn't interfere with the peace and balance. I'm certain you'll do fine, I just don't want you to stress out if it doesn't go to plan. Is it possible to add "Party of One: The Loner's Manifesto" and the Ken Graves CD's in there somewhere? I promise I will have more reading suggestions for you when you finish what's already on your plate.