Friday, January 27, 2012

My addiction

I've been spending a lot, and I mean A LOT, of time on wedding websites and pinterest. It's quite the problem. I think it's turned into an obsession. I just can't help it! Each time I click on a new link or image, I'm lead to several more that I just fall in love with. Does anyone else out there have this sort of problem!!? Be it with the same type of sites or not! I literally get to the point where my legs hurt, from sitting in bed with my laptop on my lap, and I'm incredibly hot due to the heat generated by my laptop. And yet, I still struggle with logging off and putting my computer AWAY!
I've been pinning away, but I've also attached some images that I just adore.

Oh, and fyi, I'm helping a friend with the decor for her wedding, and I am a wedding consultant, so I guess it's not so odd that I'm constantly on wedding sites.


  1. I think you're just using me as an excuse to surf the web more...LoL!!!!!

  2. lol, so maybe I over exaggerated a bit ;)