Saturday, September 25, 2010

Change in Direction

I was just reading some of my past blogs....from March and before, and it's funny how things change. I mean, I'm not even going in that same direction. I'm on a completely different path. God has changed my course yet again. And I'm so thrilled!

Reading those posts made me realize that I had been focusing on ALL the wrong things. Things I thought would make me happy. Things I felt I needed. And definitely looking for a future in the wrong career choice.
I've never been one to care about designer labels and brands. I'm not current on the latest trends and fads. I really can't stand Louis Vuiton (is that even how you spell it?) and I strongly dislike Juicy Couture purely for the reason that they call themself "couture". You can't be a ready to wear, mass produced clothing line and call yourself couture. What the crap!? And since I used to work for corporate, I know first hand that it's not worth the price. Oh, if you only knew!
And another thing....I don't give a flying leap about celebrities or reality TV. Not in the least. It makes no difference to me who they are, what they wear, drive....etc. I don't care who they're dating, sleeping with, divorcing, gossiping about.
So, I've come to the conclusion, with the help of God and the lack of response from the countless number of potential employers I emailed, that a career in fashion, is just not in the cards for me. And I am 112% okay with that =)
Sure, I still love clothes, accessories and shoes. Don't get me wrong. I am female. One look in my room/closet, which spills into the coat closet and garage (those of you who know me well have seen it) and you know it's still a love of mine. But it's just no longer a deep passion for me to be successful at. I'd much rather be spending my time doing God's work, serving others, living a fullfilled life. Not a life focused on me. Not one that relies on social status, someone else's opinion of you and your work, who you know and what you wear. But one that thrives on serving God. Being passionate about those He loves the most. The Fatherless.

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